About Us


Dear, Expecting Mother/Parents

Hello, we are excited to introduce ourselves, we are Dana and Tom. In the spirit of life, we are a caring couple hoping to take this journey with you.  Understanding one another’s challenges is the first step of many to come. 

We both searched many years longing to find the right partner. A friend introduced us, and our love for our dogs brought our friendship to a loving relationship.  Coming from strong loving families, we long to raise a child that will be surrounded with love, attention, and the commitment to believe in themselves. Providing the pathway to personal growth through nurturing and guidance will be our most important role as parents to this child. Allowing the child the freedom to think and make choices as they grow will truly be our joy. 

We spend time with our parents, siblings, nephews, and niece weekly. Cooking together and sporting activities make our home that special place.  

We have a very deep connection to feeling loss, however though that loss came great excitement to adopt a child. We understand you must be facing the same challenge.  While you face a difficult decision, two people are on the other side, very excited to love and nurture your little one.

My husband and I adore our nieces and nephews. They put the sunshine in our lives. We are so longing for the chance to be parents ourselves. Tom is an executive at a company. On his free time, he loves fishing and cooking. He is always taking my nephew on various fishing trips. Additionally, he teaches him how to cook, shoot a basketball and be a good person. 

I, Dana, love tennis and animals. I am a very active with several animal sanctuaries. I currently adopted a pot belly pig that stays at the sanctuary all year round. My husband and I love to visit him there. We have 3 dogs (all senior animals) that truly are so excited at the chance to have a human sibling. 

We would be overjoyed and honored, to begin to this journey with you. 

Please do not hesitate to call us. 

Dana & Tom 

Fun Outings


In NYC, where Tom and I both work. We went on a boat ride around Manhattan. It was lovely! 

Family Visits


Tom and I being silly! 

Our Niece and Nephews


Tom and our niece and nephews


Our anniversary was this July. We celebrated 4 years of marriage. 


Gammy and our boxer Gia


Daddy feeding all the doggies ( and their friend)